SLAGM Oration 2024

SLAGM calls for submissions for the “SLAGM-Oration 2024” to be held on 27th June 2024 in Colombo. Orations should strictly be based on original research addressing health or social wellbeing of older adults. For the guidelines on the preparation of the manuscript, please refer to the webpage of the Applicants are requested to submit an electronic copy to [email protected] and send three hardcopies to the following address.

Sri Lankan Association of Geriatric Medicine
‘Wijerama House’
No 06, Wijerama Mawatha
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka

Guidelines for the preparation of SLAGM Oration

Oration is a formal presentation made based on one’s own research or professional experience gathered over a period of time. It should be an in-depth analysis of a particular subject or an area of study reflecting the authority of the presenter.
Orations are selected based on the manuscript submitted hence it should be written in a manner that reflect the content and the flow of the oral presentation. The oral presentation should not deviate from the manuscript except for the information added to highlight the facts already given in the manuscript.

Preparation of the manuscript

The manuscript should be written in a cohesive manner starting from a brief introduction to the subject. This part should not be exhaustive and only contain information sufficient for the reviewer and listener to understand the subject area. The introduction should highlight the gaps in the current knowledge or practices and the implications of such limitations.

The body of the manuscript should be written based on the research or professional experience of the author in a cohesive manner maintaining the flow. Studies should not be discussed individually unconnected to each other but must be included as components to support the main story. Authors are requested to maintain the scientific quality and present findings backed by necessary data. Information on methodology and results should be given only to support the scientific argument and too much information on methodology and results may compromise the quality of the manuscript/presentation.

The oration should end with overall conclusions and their relevance and implications and future directions. Other areas such as acknowledgements and funding sources can be included as required. References should be given in the Vancouver style.

Word count: 4500 including abstract but excluding references
Font type and size: Times New Roman, size 12
Print only on one side of A4 paper and number the pages.
Oration submission Deadline 20th April 2024